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"Inspiration" Next Stop at Hong Kong Science Museum

Breaking the record on 13 November 2016, B-KOO Inspiration is Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and locally registered aircraft to complete a 3-month Round the World journey.

Inspiration – a “Made in Hong Kong” aircraft – has carried the spirit of Hong Kong around the world, travelling approximately 50 000km around the world, stopping in 40 airports in 20 countries along the way!

The main goal of building Inspiration is to inspire the children, teenagers, and even grownups in Hong Kong – as long as you dare to dream and persevere towards your dreams, it will come true one day!

This is why the Inspiration team will be jointly organizing an exhibition "Inspiration - Dreams Come True", details as follows:

Exhibition Date: 10 Feb 2017 (Fri) – 19 Apr 2017 (Wed)

Location: Hong Kong Science Museum, G/F, Exhibition Hall, 2 Science Museum Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon

Exhibition Content: Exhibits include B-KOO Inspiration aircraft, Inspiration flight log and accessories and items used by Hank in the journey, tools used to build the aircraft, aircraft parts, flight instruments and equipment and emergency kits etc. Through information panels, interactive exhibit and video programmes, the exhibition gives visitors a comprehensive review of the Round the World journey - the pride of Hong Kong - and learn more about the science behind flying.

Events: During the exhibition, the Inspiration team, including Hank (Pilot), Gary (Engineer) and members of the Inspiration Operations Center (Ground Support), will share with visitors about the challenges and success of the project on 5 Saturdays (11 Feb, 25 Feb, 11 Mar, 25 Mar and 8 Apr).

We would like to thank the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Science Museum, for organising this exhibition.

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