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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cruising altitude of Inspiration?

The cruising altitude is around 8000-10000ft.

How can Inspiration fly from Hawaii to California without refueling?

Inspiration is designed to enable us to remove the back seat, and fit in a fuel bladder to carry extra fuel for extended distance flights. In such flights, Hank will be flying solo.

Is Inspiration equipped with auto-pilot as in the civil aircrafts?

Yes, it does. In addition, Inspiration is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics equipments sponsored by Dynon Avionics.

Why did Hank and Gary wear uniform when they flew out of Hong Kong?

In some airports, they require us to wear uniform to operate as crew. For domestic flights in Australia and US, we can dress casually.

Would the crew feel very uncomfortable having to sit in the aircraft for extended hours?

Um... By looking at the photos sent back from Hank, we believe the enjoyment has outweighed the discomfort.

How do the crew go to toilet?

There is a special urine collection device onboard. 

Do the crew carry their baggage onboard?

There is a baggage compartment on Inspiration which allow the crew to carry some personal belongings. We have ground support team to bring supplies, like clothes, to them from time to time.

Could you provide a schedule of Inspiration's RTW Journey?

The schedule is constantly changing and is subjected to external conditions as weather, clearance and internal conditions as technical and pilot's fitness. Therefore we are not able to provide a schedule.

Could I track the flight with other flight tracker, e.g. Flightradar24?

We recommend our supporters to follow our flight by our official flight tracker, which is feeded directly from satellite and covers the entire length of the flight.

Other flight trackers may have limited coverage so the tracking may be discontinued during a flight.

May I visit Hank and Inspiration enroute?

Hank and the team thank every support to our RTW journey. However, he is on a tight schedule and wouldn't stay in a place for long. In addition, the schedule is constantly changing. To avoid disappointment we prefer our supporters to follow us on our official website and facebook.

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