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“Inspiration” is Coming Home!

Inspiration is planning to return to Hong Kong on the morning of Sunday, 13 November, with a flyby across Victoria Harbour at around 10:00am before landing.

In two days’ time, B-KOO Inspiration will become Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and locally registered aircraft to complete a 3-month Round the World journey, with Hong Kong as the starting and ending destination.

Since 28 August 2016, Inspiration has travelled approximately 50,000km around the world, stopping in more than 40 airports in 20 countries along the way, including the Philippines, Australia, the Pacific Islands, U.S.A, Portugal, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand and many more! Subject to weather conditions and air traffic control, before landing into Hong Kong International Airport, Captain Hank Cheng will pilot the RV-8 aircraft along the Victoria Harbour from the west to the east at around 10:00am, and will be visible from The Peak and the two sides of the harbour. Public are advised to keep track to our official website and facebook webpage for latest update of the flight.

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