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Inspiration's Round-the-World Journey Commences

It took 7 years for the Americans to go to the Moon, but it has taken 8 years for Hank and the Inspiration team to build the FIRST homebuilt and locally registered aircraft in Hong Kong, and commence the Round-the-World (RTW) journey.

With Captain Hank Cheng at the controls, backed by Flight Engineer Gary Tat, B-KOO Inspiration has taken off from Hong Kong International Airport today (28-Aug) morning.

Before departure, Hank exclaimed, “This is the day finally! Hat off to everyone who has helped out the project and support us. I hope the Hong Kong’s public will be inspired by our story – this is much more important than myself being the first in Hong Kong. Dream big, and persevere to achieve your dream.” Hank also thanked his family for their unlimited support all the way through.

Over the last months, the Inspiration team has been burning the midnight oil to get ready for the RTW journey. In Hong Kong, the team liaised with Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and relevant government bodies to certify the aircraft as well as obtaining approval for the departure today. Outside Hong Kong, the team has been contacting every local authority along the RTW route to apply for approvals and clearance. Moreover, the team, together with students from the Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy, are dedicated to support the RTW journey by operating the Inspiration Operation Centre whenever the aircraft will be in the air, wherever it will be. The operation centre will look after all operations and logistics support, from clearance applications to hotel booking!

In 3-months’ time, Inspiration will return to Hong Kong as Hong Kong’s FIRST homebuilt and locally registered aircraft to complete a Round the World journey, making another landmark in Hong Kong aviation history.

Stay tuned to our facebook page and official website for more updates on Inspiration.

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